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May 09, 2018

Sake Dinner with Shichida Brewery

On Thursday, May 17, 2018, Tsubaki welcomed Kensuke Shichida, owner of the 140-year old Tenzan brewery in Kyushu, for an intimate dinner featuring his line of Shichida sakes.

Although the brewery has a long history spanning six generations, Shichida is a continuous innovator, always pushing boundaries and focusing on brewing sake with a low polish rate, no dilution or charcoal filtration, and several years of in-house aging. His sakes are deep, soulful, and umami-filled, and pair well with the rich flavors of the izakaya cuisine at Tsubaki.

We poured six sakes from Shichida, including one limited-release seasonal bottle and an earthy yamahai never before available in Southern California. To accompany the various bottlings, we also offered a tasting menu of dishes inspired by the brewer’s own favorite pairings, and of course, the company of Mr. Shichida, who shared his own stories and thoughts on sake.

Shichida Brewery - Tsubaki - Los Angeles


SASHIMI freshly grated wasabi, aged soy

SHICHIDA junmai ginjo

FOIE GRAS TERRINE sake-macerated market strawberries, milk bread

SHICHIDA junmai daiginjo

KANI CREAM KOROKKE dungeness crab croquette


SORIRESU binchotan-grilled chicken oysters, yuzu kosho

SHICHIDA junmai ginjo muroka nama genshu

BUTA KAKUNI hatcho miso-braised pork belly, hot mustard

SHICHIDA umakuchi yamahai

GYU SUMIBI-YAKI grilled dry-aged steak, grilled baby corn, japanese mushrooms

SHICHIDA 75 yamada nishiki

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