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May 01, 2018

Masumi Sake Dinner

On Monday, June 18th, we hosted Katsuhiko Miyasaka, a young, innovative brewer working hard to push sake forward into the future, from Miyasaka Brewery in Nagano. We’ve been pouring sake from his family’s Masumi line since the day we opened – their ’Nanago’ bottling was one of the first we chose for the list – and can’t wait to get the chance to chat all things sake with him in person. Miyasaka Brewery is responsible for discovering the now-famous number 7 yeast, today used by over half the breweries in Japan, a true claim to fame in both Japan and abroad.

Meeting the brewers behind the bottles is one of the highlights of what we do, and it’s always a joy to get to introduce them to all the wonderful sake drinkers we know here in LA.

We paired five of his sake bottlings with a special tasting menu for the night, including two super special daiginjos that we don’t often get the chance to open.

DATE: Monday, June 18, 2018

TIME: 7:30pm

Masumi Sake_Katsuhiko Miyakami_Tsubaki


MIYASAKA ‘yawaraka’ junmai

chef’s selection of seasonal sashimi

ARABASHIRI junmai ginjo nama

santa barbara spot prawns itamae-style

YUMEDONO daiginjo

grilled kinki fish, crab and yuzu ankake

NANAGO yamahai junmai daiginjo

koji-marinated young chicken, crispy burdock, mandarin shichimi

OKUDEN junmai

48-day dry aged new york steak, charred scallion miso sauce


Please call in advance for menu modifications to accommodate dietary restrictions.




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